Custom Made African Safaris

African Safari Game Drive

A luxury African safari has been the dream of many a traveller and the inspiration of many authors and poets. It invokes images of vast plains, dramatic scenery and wild animals roaming, and, it’s a dream we can help you can make into a reality. A journey into the African bush forces all of your senses to come alive, you will relax and return to reality with renewed energy – we promise you this.

If you want to plan a trip, but don’t know quite where or when to go, our African travel experts and planners will assist you with pleasure, allow us to guide you to where you need to be. You can either choose to focus on one area in a specific country, or go for an all-round safari experience by combining a variety of locations in different countries. The ultimate decision would come down to budget, whether you are travelling with children, and the number of days you have available to travel.