Butterfly World | Cape Town

Butterfly World, one of the more unique attractions of the Western Cape Winelands, consists of a tropical garden in a 1000 m2 green house. This luxuriant paradise makes the free flying exotic butterflies feel right at home.

The butterfly park is located at the cross roads of the Paarl, Stellenbosch and Wellington Wine Routes, near the small Boland town of Klapmuts. Just off the N1 at Exit 47, on the Route 44 (300m to the south), it is very accessible to the many tourists visiting the area.

Tropical butterflies are raised on breeding farms in countries such as Costa Rica, Philippines, Malaysia and China. Pupae are flown to display parks where the butterflies emerge into their tropical gardens.

Butterfly World imports 500-800 butterfly pupae per week all year round.

Butterflies are, apart from high temperature and humidity levels, also dependent on the amount of sunlight present. Some days which are overcast and cold may prevent the butterflies from being as active as on a sunny day.

If you visit on such a day, spend your time investigating our other displays, and see the resting butterflies close up, a privilege not always available when they are active on a hot day.




At Butterfly World new ideas are constantly implemented. The Martin Filmer Spider Room displays indigenous and exotic spiders and scorpions in locked glass terraria and teaches the public to respect and appreciate these animals.

The myths and fears surrounding these eight legged creatures are many and usually unfounded. Seeing the scary scorpion through glass, taking a good look and reading the relevant information, often create more interest than revulsion.

Activities Include:

  • Reptile Bay
  • Spider Room



The Garden & Greenhouse

The tropical garden which contains the butterfly flight area is about 1000m², and the greenhouse is covered by polycarbonated roof plates.

Our beautiful outdoor garden hosts a large aviary, a meerkat enclosure and lots of free range ducks, chickens and goats, waiting for children to feed them with packets of seeds and fodder bought from the gift shop.

Iguana Cage

Another venture is a large iguana cage which shows off these large lizards in their tropical environment.
A green tree iguana can grow to 2m in length and can thus be a quite intimidating reptile! However, these vegetation-eating reptiles are normally placid and just love lying in the sun.

Gift Shop & Jungle Leaf Café

The gift shop has butterfly related items for sale and the Jungle Leaf Café provides light meals and refreshments for those taking a break from butterfly watching.

As your ticket is valid for the day a visitor is welcome to return to the garden after a tea break.