Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp

The Serengeti National Park forms part of a huge conservation area, encompassing the adjacent Ngorongoro Conservation Area, well as the Masai Mara in neighbouring Kenya. With no fences or man-made barriers, huge numbers of wildlife move freely throughout this area, constantly recreating an ageless natural cycle. The magnificent Serengeti is famed for its vast tree-less grasslands allowing for excellent wildlife sightings. The Park boasts 35 species of plains-dwelling game and prolific birdlife.

Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp is set in the remote reaches of the Serengeti National Park, on a bywater of the Grumeti River, known for its wildebeest crossings and enormous Nile crocodiles. Tucked into a strip of riverine forest, guests thrill to the antics of spectacular pied colobus monkeys (found nowhere else in the Serengeti) and enjoy nocturnal serenades by orchestras of owls and bushbabies.

Every year between June and July, Africa’s annual Great Migration passes through Grumeti, and hundreds upon thousands of wildebeest, zebra and other herbivores cross the Grumeti River, risking the jaws of some of Africa’s largest crocodiles.

At Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp, age is truly just a number! Young or old, this vibrant and rejuvenating haven charms all guests with its warm welcome and dramatic setting.

With ample resident game, the Camp is also the perfect vantage point for one of the most famous crossing points of the Great Migration.

Relax right on the water’s edge and unwind to the playful frolics of our resident family of hippo. Just make sure you don’t try to take a walk on that extra green patch of lawn – it’s really a floating garden of water cabbage that is home to some of Africa’s biggest crocodiles!

Why stay at Grumeti

  • Perfectly situated for sightings of the Great Migration crossing the Grumeti River
  • Situated in Tanzania’s premier wilderness area of the Serengeti National Park
  • On the banks of the Grumeti River, home to some of Africa’s largest crocodiles
  • Remote wilderness camp in the thick of the animal action

Nestled among tall evergreen trees on the water’s edge, Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp offers a wild and remote experience in the thick of the animal action. Set on the banks of an oxbow lake formed by the Grumeti River, the Camp provides the perfect vantage point to enjoy the unique sight of the vast masses of the Great Migrationmaking their dramatic river crossing. Dense riverside thickets hide a multitude of secrets and delights, from the acrobatic antics of colobus monkeys to the brilliant plumage of dozens of bird species.

Step into a blaze of colour in one of only ten flamboyant tents tucked under shady palm frond roofs. Bright, whimsical interiors welcome and invigorate. Vibrant surprises await at every step, from the beaded curtains in the guest areas to the intricate mosaic surfaces of the table tops. Everyday objects acquire a sense of the unusual, with even the spacious outdoor shower shaded from the sun and stars by only a wrought iron dome. Night time becomes an adventure, as hippo call to one another while you lie in the comfort of your king size bed.

Riotous colours spread through the guest areas, where bright decks open onto the riverfront. Intimate spaces with orange, yellow and green cushions refresh and renew and guests watch the river inhabitants from the vantage point of the lodge pool. As night descends, camp buildings and paths are magically lit by flaming torches and lamps. Tempting scents from the boma entice and attract. Traditional fires, jikos and outdoor ovens produce mouth-watering aromas and meals, and the sounds of Africa

Activities included at Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp

At Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp, it is our passion to share our knowledge and understanding of the Serengeti and its inhabitants with our guests. Our highly trained guides will do their utmost to delight our guests on daily adventures:

Twice daily game drives – explore the endless plains of the Serengeti on early morning and late afternoon/evening game drives in an open 4×4 safari vehicle. Morning game drives begin as the sun is rising and the nocturnal predators are ending their nightly hunts. There is always the chance of seeing a pride of lion lingering over last night’s kill or a leopard relaxing on a branch where it has wedged its prey. The smaller denizens of the bush come to life as the daylight hours make it easier for them to spot any predators still on the prowl. In the late afternoon, sit in the midst of antelope, buffalo and elephant as they make their way down to the river, either singly or in herds, for a last, refreshing drink. When the Great Migration moves through the Grumeti area, game drives will concentrate on the massed herds and the various carnivores that accompany them. If the timing is right, guests may be lucky enough to witness the wildebeest crossing the Grumeti River, where some of Africa’s largest crocodiles lay in wait

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