The mystery, the magic, the culture and beauty of Ibo Island beckons. It’s an African Island you probably never heard of. Ibo Island is impossible to box, impossible to label. Ibo Island Lodge is a place people visit, and would not leave, if given half the chance. Built with the community, today either directly or indirectly, the lodge benefits a large part of Ibo’s population. Here your visit really does make a difference.

Welcome to the Ibo experience.


You can connect from South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya or Tanzania to Pemba. You will be met by a representative of Ibo Island Lodge who will either escort you directly to the next plane, or to the waiting room for your next flight to Ibo Island.

From Pemba, the last leg of your journey is on a light aircraft flight. Flying over the starting point of paradise, Ibo Island waits hidden just 20 minutes away.

Are We There Yet?

Miles of deserted coastline, and tropical ocean, separate Ibo from tall buildings and industry. Ibo Island is a castaway chic experience. Your journey feels like a search for hidden treasures, buried on the edge of the world.

Traveling can take most of day, but time is all yours once on this leisurely island. The air strip at Ibo Island is a grass strip in good condition, where you will be met by a member of the lodge team.

The Island

Ibo Island seems to take place once upon a time, rather than in actual times. Ibo is part of the Quirimbas Archipelago, northern Mozambique. The interior of Ibo is a bushy, untamed habitat, which spills over onto sublime sugar beaches. Visiting Ibo is a novel experience. Striking and unusual. Rich and unforgettable.

The Combination

Ibo is called one of the most atmospheric islands in the world. Historically, the island see-sawed between Portuguese and Omani Arab rule. As if not an island, but some marked treasure trove. Architectural heirlooms from this era gather on the outskirts of Ibo, reflecting this rich legacy.

Culture And Tradition

Ibo bursts at the seams with culture and tradition. The community is a fascinating blend of people, all sharing in beliefs, all indelibly intertwined. Visiting Ibo is a combination of lazy beach bliss and living off the fruits of the ocean.

The island has an undiscovered appeal, filled with secrets you feel the first to discover.

The Rooms

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why? The effects of our rooms are similar, distracting and attracting attention all of their own.

Rooms are either bay or garden facing. Overlooking the bays you’ll witnesses an ever changing vista of Ibo life revolving around the tide, rather than the time. Garden facing rooms step out into lush tropical gardens, with chunky palm trees, and intimate swimming pools.

Dragging yourself from bed becomes even more difficult. All rooms boast mahogany handcrafted beds, almost too comfortable to get out of. Beds are covered with crisp cotton linen and Indian silk throws.

Escaping the heat

In a climate that is always summer, air conditioning and ceiling fans go without saying. Also, all rooms have large windows to catch the sea breeze. Rooms share wide verandas, which house comfortable plantation style chairs and soft cushions. A carved Indian screen divides the space, providing that extra bit of privacy. The facilities at the lodge lend themselves to relaxation.

Bathing and things

Bathrooms are all en suite with twin basins and large marble showers. Showers are designed to feel like a shower outdoors, just a little less revealing. Don’t live out of your travel bag, solid mahogany wardrobes, with hangers, are in every room. If you’d like, we can wake you with traditional Ibo coffee or tea of any flavour. Or we can just wait for you to alter that do not disturb sign.


Difficult to choose between being whisked to a deserted sandbank beach, or,snorkeling amongst dolphins? Keen to learn more about the islands magical culture and heritage? Then you will love our famous and fully guided Ibo experiences. Ibo Island Lodge includes the daily sand bank beach excursion and the guided tours in your rate.

Getting Physical

Whether it’s thrill or chill your seek, Ibo Island Lodge hosts an activity for every intention. Why wait for your ship to come in? Swim out to it on our ship wreck snorkel excursion. Experience Ibo’s oceanic wonderland, go diving. Diving spots in the region offer shallow sites for the casual diver and dramatic drops for the more serious. Spend a day on Mogundula Island, an uninhabited island, for a castaway picnic.Kayak through the largest mangrove forest in Africa, just off our doorstep.

What else

Go birding, Ibo nests 10-red listed bird species, and has attracted avid birders from far and wide. Rock the boat on a traditional slow sailing dhow excursion. Catch a fish. Catch a tan. Or, simply, kick back, soak up the tropical atmosphere by one of the pools or refresh your senses with our traditional massage treatments.