Oceana… It has been called the most beautiful place on Earth. What began as a personal sanctuary along the vast expanse of world famous Eastern Cape beach is now a ultra-luxurious haven for world travellers. The only place in Africa to boast Bush,Beach, and game in one experience. With Ocean Suites, Lodge suites and the Private Ocean House Oceana offers a unique variety of luxury accommodation all gazing through the bush at an expanse of blue and white waves. Combined with five-star dining, one of a kind amenities, in-house spa and endless pampering Oceana is unlike any other.

Ultra-luxurious accommodations include a select group of unique guest suites in the Ocean Lodge and Private Ocean House as well as spectacular individual private chalets. Our Africa-shaped knife-edge pool has a marked point where you can rest your chin that is the absolute center of Oceana. Like we said every detail about your stay is important to us. Oceana is unique as the only combined ocean and game reserve in South Africa.

Activites at Oceana

From the first moment you arrive, Oceana has a thousand reasons for you to never want to leave. Activities abound, from luxurious lounging and pampering to wildlife and ocean adventures. We also will arrange a full array of sports activities, tours, shopping excursions and so much more. You have only to ask and the entire staff is dedicated to providing all you require to make your stay with us the finest imaginable. It’s truly the best of all possible worlds.

Guided Tours

Abundant varieties of exotic wildlife call Oceana Home. We have expert guides that will introduce you to these rare and magnificent animals roaming free in their natural environment. These photo safaris allow you to experience them first hand and take the home to share the adventure over and over: We offer everything from self-guided walking tours to bigger adventures riding in our own safari vehicles with personal guides

Star Gazing

The galaxies over Oceana are unhindered in their brilliance. They still light the way for Cape mariners and will guide all your romantic strolls. Oceana will even bring the stars to you for your stargazing pleasure with telescopes and guides

Scuba Diving

Fancy some diving? Arrangements can be made to snorkel or scuba nearby reefs. Sea life abounds with everything from Parrot Fish, Angel Fish and soft coral to several types of sharks. Take a snorkeling or scuba diving adventure solo or with a guide and you’ll discover why Oceana is an ocean reserve. For novice and seasoned experts alike, wonders await your next dive.


Surfers the world over come to catch the curls around Oceana. The surfer classic motion picture “The Endless Summer” was filmed nearby

Whale Watching

Enjoy the huge thrill of whale watching. The Eastern Cape is home to several species including the Southern Right and Humpback. Dolphins will amaze and charm you with their graceful playful and friendly antics. Oceana is home to magnificent sea life. Whale watching is the adventure of a lifetime for guests of all ages