The Royal Hotel is a Luxury Victorian Hotel SATSA accredited.

The Hotel boasts two Restaurants, a Lounge, two Bars and 50 En-suite Bedrooms set in charming Buildings both in and adjacent to the Main Complex. All En-Suite, Brass Beds and Ball-and-Claw Baths.

The Royal Hotel in Pilgrim’s Rest is perhaps one of South Africa’s best known hotels. This national monument is famous for its atmosphere and world class service and facilities.

The Royal Hotel, situated in Pilgrim’s Rest, was impeccably restored, to reflect true late Victorian style. Composed of ten authentic buildings dating back to the latter part of the nineteenth century, the hotel now offers 50 charming en-suite bedrooms. Declared a goldfield in 1873, Pilgrim’s Rest became a cosmopolitan centre of activity in South Africa.

Today it stands as a legacy to these pioneers. The town was proclaimed a National Monument in 1986.

Trapped in a time warp, the lounge reflects an epoch of time honoured hospitality and elegance so typical of the late Victorian era. Upon entering the Royal Hotel, visitors are immediately taken on a nostalgia filled trip into the past. The reception walls are lined with the most interesting photographs and artefacts providing vivid glimpses of Pilgrim’s Rest’s history. This theme is carried forward into the lounge as well as the very famous Church Bar

Fifty en-suite bedrooms are spread over a number of annexes to the Main Hotel and all of them radiate extreme character. Furnished with genuine antique brass beds, wash stands, wardrobes and other furniture, visitors cannot but be transported back into history. Rounding off this atmosphere are authentic Victorian baths and fixtures. In these surroundings, electric shavers, driers and other equipment will seem out of place

Rounding off the Royal Hotel experience is our informal Restaurant where hearty old-fashioned meals are served in a historical atmosphere in keeping with the rest of the Hotel.

Enjoying a meal outside while taking in the scenery is an experience truly worthwhile

Everything about this Bar compels visitors to want to spend more than a happy hour. Glass in hand, this makes for some very interesting reading. (Fly fisherman will gaze in awe at some of these portraits)

The Royal Hotel is the centre attraction of Pilgrim’s Rest. From here visitors can plan all daily excursions and then come home to a relaxing evening of Victorian comfort.

Once a Chapel in Cape Town, the very popular and infamous “Church Bar” was shipped to the former Lorenço Marques (now Maputo), Mozambique from where it was transported overland to the village by ox-wagon. The bar’s walls are covered with old photographs depicting the social and sporting life of historical Pilgrim’s Rest.