This program was designed for first time visitors to Southern Africa, who wished to experience some of the best highlights in this area.

Designed to include a safari experience in both the Kruger National Park and Botswana – a holiday of a lifetime !

Itinerary Summary

  • 4 Night’s in Cape Town at Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel
  • 4 Night’s on the Garden Route at Tsala Treetop Lodge
  • 3 Night’s in Johannesburg at both Michelangelo Hotel & Melrose Arch
  • 3 Night’s in Kruger National Park at Sabi Sabi Selati Camp
  • 2 Night’s in Victoria Falls at The Victoria Falls Hotel
  • 4 Night’s in Botswana on Safari at Savute Elephant Camp and Eagle Island Camp in the Okavango Delta

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This is what did the Wolfe Family have to say about their trip:

We fell in love with Cape Town! I enjoyed the Cape Cadogan because it gave us a look at life in the city, and not just on the waterfront where it is mostly tourists. it is a quaint experience to stay there. We did enjoy going to the waterfront for our meals! WOW, the food is amazing! Even the food we had around the hotel was so very good! Fresh seafood at its’s best.

The highlight to seeing such beauty throughout CapeTown and the Garden Route was having Rhys as our guide. He made the trip so interesting! He showed true professionalism and we truly enjoyed his personality and dedication to ensuring we enjoyed every experience!

The Tsala Lodge could not be topped anywhere on the trip! The rooms are spectacular! Loved the fireplace, the heated floors, the heated towel racks, and bathroom, and the suite with the kitchen facility! Too bad it was cold, and the main room had not heat, or we would have used the plunge pool, but Ryan actually did use the outdoor shower!

We loved the Michelangelo, and the fact that we could walk right into the shopping areas and restaurants, . The Melrose Arch is fun and a great area to stay in, if the city life is what we wanted, but we came to Africa for another type of experience so those two nights were just filler, and we would have rather stayed in Wine Country to get that experience for more than just a day trip. Also, we found the food so much better in Cape Town!

The Sabi Sabi Safari experience spoiled so much! Even the ranger said he had not had such experiences with one party’s stay in the 7 years he has been a ranger! Leopards mating, Lions mating, Lions with their kill, their babies, Leopard with it’s kill in a tree, all the big 5 in all their glory and more! The game we saw, and the quality of the viewing, and the fantastic ranger, Alistair,topped it all off! Our video and pictures look like National Geographic material! The accommodations were very comfortable although a bit cold at night, because the heat did not reach the bathroom. The food was alright, but nothing that stood out at all. Service was very good though. Alistair dined with us every night and that was a bonus because we were able to get so much information on the area and wildlife! We loved the hot water bottles and blankets on the very comfortable safari vehicle.

We loved the Victoria Falls Hotel! It felt like we were going back to Colonial times. Very regal, and the grounds were kept immaculate. The rooms had everything we needed and very comfortable and stately. The food was alright, but again, nothing that stood out at all.

Just seeing the Falls, and doing the activities we chose, made the stay spectacular! We did the walk, the helicopter ride and the zip line! Super! We could have done without the sunset river cruise. Too many people on board made it so touristy. If there had been an option to take a smaller boat and do something more exciting in the way of seeing the Zambezi river, it would have worked much better.

The first camp in Botswana, the Savute Elephant Camp was super! We loved the tents! Showering outdoors was a treat! . We saw one leopard, lots of giraffe, and lots of zebra, and many impala, among other animals. We decided to skip the last morning safari and slept in .

Great attention to detail, great service, and the food was very good there. The staff were super nice, and the guide was very nice too, but he did not have the knowledge or the skill in tracking or in communication that Alistair has. That is tough to beat!

The Eagle Island camp was a welcome change to the safari experience! We loved being over the water, and we chose a tour that was out of the ordinary, because when we found out what was scheduled for us, we did not want to do it. We were not interested in a walk to see giraffe and maybe Elephant at a distance, nor did we want to go on a booze cruise. The first afternoon on canoes was a really fun way to introduce us to the delta! The next day we took an all day boat trip throughout the delta and had a picnic lunch on one of the islands. We went specifically to see Hippo and Elephant and we got to see them up close and personal! I named our boat the Hippo Hunter!

Lots of great footage and the boat trip put us in the moment loving every minute of it!

We have had a marvelous trip and I am glad we did it in the order it was done because Ryan definitely got the best Safari experience and getting to see Cape Town and Garden Route was so important for the South African experience!

We have had a marvelous trip!

Thank you so much for everything, we will be back!