Planning Your Self Drive Holiday

All the general information that you require to plan your South Africa self drive holiday.

Many of our clients are becoming progressively confident to visit South Africa and drive themselves around in a hire vehicle. A self drive holiday offers the freedom and flexibility to explore areas at ones own comfortable pace, visiting areas which are of specific interest to each traveler, and discovering hidden treasures making for memorable experiences which you don’t find in a guide book.  This type of holiday is perfect for the independent traveller or those who prefer a more relaxed way of seeing this amazing country.

Most of the packages featured on our website have been designed as a private guided excursion or as a self drive itinerary. Our experienced team are on hand to assist clients in preparing their self drive itinerary, maps and directions provided, as well as suggested sightseeing stops along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Do I need an International Driver’s License ?
    This is not necessary, as long as your Driver’s License is valid and unendorsed.  Should there be more than one driver  – all drivers need to produce their Driver’s Licenses
  • What side of the road do you drive on ? 
    In South Africa and Namibia, you drive on the left hand side of the road
  • Will my vehicle be covered by Insurance  ? 
    Yes, we provide you with the top insurance cover for your vehicle, which covers you for theft and damage with no excess liability.
  • Do I have to pay an additional amount per Kilometre driven ?
    No,  all vehicles come with unlimited mileage.
  • What additional costs will not be included in the vehicle hire ? 
    We include as many costs as possible in your vehicle hire, ensuring there are no hidden surprises.  The only costs that are generally not included are fuel during your rental period, a once off contract fee and should there be an additional driver, a once off fee per additional driver for Insurance purposes.  Should you require a baby seat, this can be included in the costs.
  • Are maps and directions provided  ? 
    Yes, you will receive a complete travel pack, including detailed map books and specific directions pertaining to your itinerary booked.   We generally book a vehicle with a GPS unit and GPS co-ordinates for all accommodation are provided.
  • What sort of back -up do we have during our self-drive holiday ?  
    Not only is there 24-hour back up provided by the vehicle hire company, but you will also be provided with an after-hours mobile number for our office.   There is generally excellent mobile reception in South Africa, and we always recommend that you consider renting a local mobile phone during your stay
  • Is it safe to self -drive in Africa  ?  
    Yes, the roads and infrastructure in South Africa is advanced and very similar to other parts of the world.  We recommend you stay on the main tourist routes and follow our suggested directions.

Important Information When Driving In South Africa 

  • Before departing on your journey, always ensure that you have a full tank of fuel – never depart for a day where you have a 4 hour drive ahead of you, with limited fuel as you may not be sure when you will be able to re-fuel along the way
  • Credit Cards and cash are accepted as a form of payment as all refueling stationsor  garages
  • Road rules prohibit talking on a mobile phone whilst driving , therefore a hands-free kit is highly recommended
  • It is compulsory to wear seat-belts whilst driving – this applies to the driver and all passengers in the vehicle
  • We recommend locking all valuables in the boot [ trunk ] of your car when the vehicle is left unattended
  • Stopping on freeways/highways are prohibited unless you have car trouble or have been instructed to do so by a traffic officer
  • You drive on the left hand side of the road in South Africa
  • On major highways or motorways,  there is generally more than one lane moving in the same direction.  The right hand lane is considered the fast lane and the middle and left lanes the slower lanes.
  • Distance and speed limits are measured in Kilometres
  • Drive cautiously in rural areas as these areas are not fenced off and you may find animals wondering on the roads

Speed Limits on motorways/highways: 100 – 120 kph

Speed Limits on open roads:

  • Open Roads: 120 kph
  • Rural Roads: 80 – 100 kph
  • Towns/Urban Roads: 60 kph
  • Provincial Roads: 60 – 80 kph
  • Road tolls: There are many road tolls across South Africa


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