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Silvan Safari is the newest luxury lodge in the Sabi Sand region of the Kruger National Park. No indulgence was ignored or level of luxury overlooked to create the world’s grandest safari experience. Located in the northern section of the spectacular Sabi Sand region, where the roar of the lion is your morning wake up call and the cry of the fish eagle your hourly reminder that every heart and soul on earth beats with the connected rhythm of these historic lands.

Silvan redefines luxury safari in Africa and the inspirational leadwood forest provides the ideal canvas for this groundbreaking lodge. The contemporary, modern architecture is slick and bold. With six extraordinary suites, and one family unit, the lodge provides an enchanting, intimate setting to immerse yourself in this forested paradise. The pure, calming energy of the Manyeleti River flows at Silvan’s doorstep, nourishing the trees and bringing life to the area. Revel in this from your own private plunge pool, watching elephants stroll by in the grandest safari pool in Africa. The design and decor, environmental impact are all state-of-the-art, yet elegantly understated.

Kierie Klapper Suite

The Kierie Klapper, also known as the bushwillow, is famed for its copper-coloured seed pods which inspired the colour tones and design elements of this suite. The rich teal of our bee eater, a notable character throughout Silvan, also leaves its signature mark.

Different textures and delicately embroidered elements are woven into every corner of this suite. A collaborative watercolor and ink line drawing adorning the wall feeds the imagination with the story of a duiker browsing the bushwillow’s leaves while lovebirds playfully flit from branch to branch.

Cassia Suite

Celebrating luxury with tones of rich, golden yellow and deep green, Silvan’s second suite takes its inspiration from the Cassia tree, affectionately known as the golden rain tree for its striking yellow flowers which ignite the African bush in summer.

The bright and inviting hue of this tree complements the unique design elements and original layout of the suite. Layered copper artworks adorn the walls with our friendly bee eater who can once again be seen making cameo appearances throughout.

Knobthorn Suite

One of Africa’s famous Acacia tree varietals, the Knobthorn is a slow growing, deciduous tree found throughout the Sabi Sand. The name comes from the characteristic knobbly bark which develops as the tree ages, making it easy to identify.

The Knobthorn suite is wheelchair-friendly, providing guests easy access to the main lodge. The soft grey tones of its bark and the fluffy, delicate, yellow bloom of its flowers have been elegantly introduced into the decor and design of the suite. Journey through the Knobthorn and relish in the restorative energy of this sturdy tree.

Blue Guarri Suite

This hardy, evergreen tree which often goes unnoticed in the bush, except for the black rhino who loves to browse its leaves, lends its spirit to this suite. While the story of the tree is a palpable theme, keep your eyes open to try find it when out on a game drive.

The gentle blue-grey tones of this suite, inspired by the Blue Guarri, create a haven of peace and calm. This energy flows seamlessly through the room with the bespoke art being a wonder to behold and the copper glow providing warmth and comfort.

Tree Wisteria Suite

One of Africa’s most strikingly spectacular trees when in bloom, the Tree Wisteria has a rounded crown with sweeping foliage cascading towards the floor. The purple-mauve flowers droop from the tree in bunches, often covering the whole tree in a dazzling purple haze.

Its intense colourings have been painted throughout the Tree Wisteria suite in grand strokes, giving it a fresh and refined feel. With an expansive layout, lavish decor and the private plunge pool set tantalisingly at the edge of the deck, this suite is definitely one to savour.

Leadwood Family Suite

A true icon of the African bush and the backdrop to Silvan Safari, the Leadwood tree is the entire inspiration behind this family suite. An extremely dense hardwood, the Leadwood is a favourite for animals who feed on its leaves but also very popular for the campfire known for its intense heat and lasting embers.

The Leadwood Suite’s majestic stone archway is the perfect entrance to greet any guest to this magnificent hideaway. However, the mighty ancient Leadwood tree emerging thought the deck, having been rooted here for aeons, is the true master of this space with the beauty of this tree proving to be utterly mesmerising.

Game Drives

A spectacular Big 5 experience

While you need look no further than the riverbed below Silvan to spot wildlife, game drives offer you the best chance to experience the incredible variety of animals which the Sabi Sand is so famous for. An early wake-up call at dawn will see you rise with the bush and its residents.

We mimic the movements of the wild, going in search of wildlife when they’re most likely to be on the move (early mornings, late afternoons, and evening) and retreating to the shade as they do for respite from the midday heat. Blankets and state-of-the-art Swarovski binoculars are available in our vehicles.

Meet Africa’s Big 5

The Sabi Sand Game Reserve shares unfenced borders with South Africa’s Kruger National Park and is celebrated for having the richest game population in the country and over 500 bird species, making it an exclusive safari destination. Guests need to look no further than the lodge itself where it has been a sanctuary for wildlife as much as it has been for its people. Our leopard, Tiyani, gave birth to her cub in our Ansellia Spa when it was just a shell while our resident elephant herds often wander through camp, drinking from our pools.

Gin Experience

From London Dry to Africa

Gin and tonic, the quintessential safari drink, has its roots dating back to its anti-malarial properties thought to stem from the quinine in the tonic. Since then, it has become an integral part of safari culture. We’ve added that special Silvan touch to classic concoctions so that our guests can savour our selection of ingredients hand-picked to perfectly pair with our signature gins from all across the globe. Sip on one of the most popular drinks in the world in the environment it was made for. Take in the serenity of your surroundings and the tranquility of the trees with each clinking of your glass.


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