Best time to go on Safari

This is a question we are often asked !   This page is designed to give you some guidelines, bearing in mind that there is NO BAD TIME to enjoy this amazing experience !

As there are a variety of areas in different African Countries to do your safari, the recommended months do differ slightly.

We also take into account whether you are combining other areas in South Africa, such as Cape Town  together with your safari .

Deciding where to do you safari depends on when you are able to travel , and what country you would like to visit – and our travel experts will guide you along to ensure that you have a memorable safari experience no matter where you go.

Our travel experts  will be able to present you with a host of safari options to suit both your time available to travel and your budget.   Planning a safari can be daunting and it is always advisable to be guided by safari guru’s  – our expertise being available to you.

Tours and Safaris in South Africa  are incredibly popular and many clients combine a South African Safari with some safari time in Botswana or Namiba  – to give you an all round experience.

Generally speaking, no matter where you go on Safari in South or Southern Africa, the best time to travel are in our Autumn, Spring and Winter months  – from May to September each year.

The weather is cooler at this time of the year and the temperatures are more moderate in the heat of the day.

At this time of the year, the animals are more active and  the grass is shorter , allowing for better game viewing.

LionessWhen to Go on A Namibia Safari 

When you think of Namibia for a Safari, you think of Etosha National Park  – considered on of Southern Africa’s finest safari parks.

May to September is the best time for a visit to Namibia, as it is cooler, and once again, as it is dry season, the animals collect around animal watering holes – allowing for incredible game viewing

The Summer months in Nambia can be  very hot and often unpleasant, with the heat and humidity playing a big role.

Namiba also offers awe-inspiring dunes in Sossusvlei as well as culture and history – making this an all round destination

When to Go on A South African Safari  

In South Africa, the dry season is in our Winter Months, between May and September.

One of the prime Safari areas to visit is the Kruger National Park – where Safari in these Winter months is perfect.

As it is dry, you find groups of animals gathering around waterholes to drink –  a sight to behold.   Trees are bare, grass is dry and low and this make it easier to spot that elusive Leopard !

Although it can be chilly at night, the day time temperatures are moderate and very pleasant-  and can reach upper 20  degrees celcius

The Winter months are also low Malaria Season and there is very little risk.

With the Summer months, comes the rain, but it rarely rains all day.  Late afternoon bursts of rain with perhaps a thunderstorm are the norm, with the sun coming reflecting on the rain drops in the African Bush.  It can get quite hot during the day at this time of the year, but the game activities are adjusted accordingly, only departing at the cooler times of the day.

In the heat of the day, you can relax in your private plunge pool sipping a cocktail or take a well deserved nap.

When to Go on A Botswana Safari

The best time to go on Safari in  Botswana is June to September.  This is considered Peak Season and this is when the rates are at their highest

With very little chance of rain, and temperatures moderate, this is the most popular time to enjoy this safari area.

As water is scarce at this time of the year, you will find herds of animals flocking to the Okavango Delta , which makes this area a must do  – with Mokoro Safaris, you can get up close and personal to the Big Five from the safety of your dug-out canoe

During Green Season and Low Season in Botswana, Bird viewing is excellent and game viewing is still good  – although it can get very hot during the day.

Botswana is ultimately an all year round destination with a wide selection of luxury lodges.

When to Go on Safari In Tanzania & Kenya 

The great migration is one of the most popular reasons why travellers go on Safari in Tanzania – with herds of game rushing through filled rivers

Depending on what month you visit Tanzania and Kenya, you would need to be in the best area to view this spectacle.

June to November is also a great time to safari in East Africa, this being their dryest months, and animals usually congregate around water holes in large numbers.

Tanzania is not only about the Safari aspect, but the amazing inter-action with local tribes such as the Masai people.   Spend a day with these interesting locals or perhaps enjoy a Balloon trip above the great plains of the Serengeti

Tanzania is a unique Safari destination and can be enjoyed for anything from 5 – 10 days, exploring the different areas of the Ngorongoro Crater to Lake Manyara


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