The Namib Naukluft Park is one of Africa’s oldest and certainly one of the most spectacular National Parks on the continent. A combination of the rocky Naukluft Mountains and wide open plains that gives rise the huge towering red dunes that reach more than 1000 feet, astound the visitor with the stark beauty and makes Sossusvlei one of Africa’s most photographed destinations.  The “vlei” itself is a clay pan surrounded by these dunes and on rare occasions following heavy rainfall, the floodwaters find their way to the pan to create a large body of water surrounded by extreme desolation. Most of the time the pan remains dry and is riddled with maze-like cracks caused by the baking sun. Most of the lodges in this area are set on the plains between the Naukluft Mountains and the dunes. When selecting your lodge please take into consideration that none of them are actually right among the dunes.

Kulala Desert Lodge is the closest with spectacular views, while the rest of the lodges are within a short drive. This allows for diversity in activities ranging from walking trails through the mountains, to exploring and climbing the “red giants”.